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 GroupCMD´s for ULX

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Stan The Man Who´s |CookY
Stan The Man Who´s |CookY

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GroupCMD´s for ULX Empty
PostSubject: GroupCMD´s for ULX   GroupCMD´s for ULX EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 10:44 pm

Hey Guys,

some of U are asking:

"Whats rights can I use and how?"

So heres a list!

A |CookYs Homey!

- !csay (message here)
- !bring (Name here!)
- !cleardecals
- !goto (Name here)
- !kick (Name) (Reason)
- !votekick (Name) (Reason)
- !voteban (Name) (Reason)
- !slay (Name here)

This group has SpawnEchos in Console (Stan spawned model/model/example.stan)


- !kickme

Regular (24Hours on Server needed!)

- !goto (Name here)

A|CH - Member

- !goto (Name here)
- !votekick (Name) (Reason)
- !bring (Name here)
- !kickme
- !teleportme

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GroupCMD´s for ULX
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