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 iSoul95's Admin Application

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PostSubject: iSoul95's Admin Application   Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:54 pm

- Ur Name
- Ur Location
- SteamID
- Where would u like to be Admin? InGame? Forums? Tell us!
- Ur Age

iSoul95 / Lee

United Kingdom, England, Midlands


I would prefer to be an admin on the wirebuild server and possibly on the forum.

I am 15, 16/06/1995

Umm, something special about me? Im a loon, I've bungee jumped, abseiled...
I'm learning E2? XD, I have quite a lot of free time, plenty of which to get rid of minges like the group that seem to be obsessed with penis-cars... Next year when I've finished my exams so I'll have EVEN MORE! Very Happy... But Yeah, I've been told I'm funny and "a good listener" :S XD. Nothing too special really, But I think I'll do well on the job, should I get it! Very Happy

I'm experienced with wire, I'm learning E2, holograms, ect; I've made a really cool hovercar thingy, not really got a name suitable for it yet. I'll build just about anything, cars with real steering, Houses with auto-doors, hoverthings, bikes, elevators. You name it, I'll have a crack at it!

EDIT: My personal policy with mingebags or people who don't listen to "awforiteh!" (Cartmen quote! Very Happy) is: 1, Warning. 2, Slay/jail. 3, Kick. 4, Ban/5minutes/30minutes/permanent... I like to give people the opportunity to redeem themselves. Not that most of them deserve that chance...
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Mr Kirby|C

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PostSubject: Re: iSoul95's Admin Application   Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:50 am

Good submit I think you will be an admin. Although it's up to stan.
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Stan The Man Who´s |CookY
Stan The Man Who´s |CookY

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PostSubject: Re: iSoul95's Admin Application   Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:56 am

1 Like a Star @ heaven for this Application.
U´ll get Ur Chance.

Oh and king


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PostSubject: Re: iSoul95's Admin Application   

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iSoul95's Admin Application
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