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 How to Reaquest a Ban?!

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Stan The Man Who´s |CookY
Stan The Man Who´s |CookY

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How to Reaquest a Ban?! Empty
PostSubject: How to Reaquest a Ban?!   How to Reaquest a Ban?! EmptyMon Nov 01, 2010 9:18 pm

Hey HomeYs,

We all know there a sometime Idiots.
Stop Yell at them! Get them Banned!

So here´s a "Checklist":

- Get a Screenshot of this mess!(His Name bust be shown at the right
Corner, so GMod Cam don´t work Very Happy)

- Get His SteamID: anyways i should look like this: Steam_#:#:#######!
- Start a New Topic like:"Requesting Ban for Stan The Man Who´s |CookY"affraid

Easy Right?! Yes it is!

I think i don´t really need to say more about this! Smile
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How to Reaquest a Ban?!
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