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 What people MIGHT want to see in your introduction.

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PostSubject: What people MIGHT want to see in your introduction.   Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:19 pm

If any admin disagrees with this, just edit, lock, delete etc...

This is NOT the official way to post your introduction, it's YOUR introduction. Write it however you want! This is merely some tips that may help you get a cleaner and more interesting post.

First thing is to keep your post easy and interesting to read, try to use as good grammar and spelling as you can. Use bold text, maybe colors etc. But it's important not to use to much of it
When your done you should be proud of your post, first impression is important Cool

Things we might want to know about you:

In-game name


Age (It's okey if you don't want to share this)


Anything special about you? Are you the president of the US? etc...


What brought you to the server and the forums?

What is your building style? Do you know E2? etc...

What do you think of the forums and the server? Tell us!

Anything else you want to say
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What people MIGHT want to see in your introduction.
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