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 The great debate!

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The great debate! Empty
PostSubject: The great debate!   The great debate! EmptyTue Mar 01, 2011 1:06 am

The forums seem pretty dead so I decided, why not liven it up a bit with a good argument!

Topics in this ... topic:

Processors: AMD vs. Intel

Graphics: ATi vs. NVidia

Operating Systems: Macintosh OS X (Apple) vs. FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Solaris vs. Windows


My opinions:

For processors, I must go with Intel. Despite their complete ripoff prices, they've almost always had the leading edge in performance. I don't hate AMD though, I've had many computers with AMD processors in them that I liked very much.

Graphics, NVidia. Again the price for NVidia products is much higher but they do have better performance

Operating system. Hmmm. Windows rules but I like them all. FreeBSD and Solaris are an exception. Never used them

OS X - Well Apple really likes to overprice their machines but they are much more capable on the media side (that does NOT include games). They have done a great job building an operating system and all of their PCs are wonderful as well.

Linux - Very nice because of great command line support. My favorite version of Linux though is Ubuntu Smile

Windows - Nothing beats Windows! It might be the least stable but its the most compatible and the GUI is easily the most intuitive. And as far as games go...I don't think I have to say anything.

Leave your opinion below and help contribute to the forums!
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The great debate!
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