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 Norwegian Soldier's Forum Application :DD

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Norwegian Soldier


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PostSubject: Norwegian Soldier's Forum Application :DD   Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:27 pm

NAME: Norwegian Soldier


STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:68577

STEAM Username: maxmanus123

I would like to be admin on the FORUMS becuse:
Simply to keep the forum spam free and clean, and now that i was awarded admin for a little while ago, i think i'm ready to/proven capeable to take on the responsibilities as a forum admin.

EXPERIENCE: As a forum admin - none Sad

TIME: I log on the forums every day, regulary to check if anything's new - or new posts have been made.

How i would approuch rulebreakers:

Spam - Warning and Post delete

Flame - Warning and Post edit

Innapropriate links - Warning and Post edit or delete if the link was the whole post

Reapeated breaks / Worse breaks - I'm not quite sure what chooices i have except Warnings and post delete/edits, but a worse punishment then the ones stated above will probaly occur.

(Yeah, this kinda looks like my admin application, but i felt like including the same information anyway Very Happy)
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Norwegian Soldier's Forum Application :DD
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